For over a decade now The Raygun Girls have been releasing their own unique brand of gothic-laced bluesy rock. The tradition continues with the release of their latest self-titled disc; a sort of groove-inspired, bluesy Danzig type thing.

The tracks on this effort are decent and while they don’t stray far from previous efforts, they definitely make you move to the beat – always a plus in my book. The one thing that has always sort of thrown me off with these guys; however, is the production. In my opinion the music it’s always quite underproduced. Things tend to get muddy and Geoff’s voice, while really good, tends to get lost in the mix. I found myself wishing the production was crisper so that I could really make everything out and better appreciate what was going on in the songs.

In the end though, as good as these songs are, the production does them no justice. All in all this one is a mixed bag for me, but fans familiar with their sound and previous work will most likely dig this disc.

Track Listing:

01. The Time Is Now
02. Rise
03. Speak the Disappointment
04. Look to the Skies
05. I Refuse
06. Believe
07. Raise Your Voices
08. Ghosts
09. Stand Up
10. The Coming
11. I Will Remain

Run Time: 45:40
Release Date: January 15, 2013

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