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“Understanding”, featuring Jonathan “Johnny Plague” Cooke from Winds of Plague fame, is a freaking KILLER free download from hardcore/metal band Stand Your Ground. The five-piece is based in Kingsport, Tennessee and has been rocking out together since 2007. Having just released a smoking five song EP titled Standards, the new tunes offer a good indication of the band’s influences – think Shai Hulud, Remembering Never, Sevendust, and Misery Signals. The EP features powerful vocals, down-tuned guitars and many a great breakdown!

Since their formation six years ago, Stand Your Ground has become quite a force to be reckoned with. Since they formed the members have placed relentless touring as their number one priority which has led to a strong, homegrown fan base across the United States. Playing so many live dates has helped the members improve their playing and chemistry together all the while developing a unique take on hardcore and metal. With crushing music and a powerful live show, Stand Your Ground are getting ready to break through.