The Skinny: We’re more than stoked to be streaming the Bay Area’s Potential Threat SF’s new record Civilization Under Threat right here, in this exclusive world premiere! The band has now been together a remarkable 27 years in which they have been hitting you with their in-your-face approach to their music. The new album is something of a tribute to old school metal by combining aggressive, commanding vocals with dual guitars and a thundering beat. The album has a massively heavy quality thanks to the engineering and mastering of Juan Urteaga at Trident Studios who has worked in the past with Machine Head, Testament, and Heathen.

The group’s workmanlike approach to their music carries over into their live shows and they make it apparent that they put every bit of grit and determination into their set. After all these years it’s quite clear that the band members are still enjoying themselves on stage, regardless of how long they’ve been doing it or even how many spectators are actually there. If you’re into old school metal like old Metallica, Testament and Death Angel then Civilization Under Threat will make you feel like it’s the good old days all over again. Grab the new album right here!