You all know the My Ruin story by now, so I won’t waste time going over old ground; much in the same way you know that when you put on a My Ruin album the rock n’ roll couple will get straight to the point, giving their loyal fan base everything they demand. So, while there is no questioning as to whether or not The Sacred Mood is another full-force, kick-ass rock n’ roll record, the question is how does it stand up to previous My Ruin offerings?

Well, if you took the time to take in the intensity of the “Making of The Sacred Mood” video that the band recently posted online, then you should have the answer to that question. The Sacred Mood is basically everything you’d expect it to be but with the band turning the intensity dial up a notch or two. Guitarist Mick Murphy provides another thirty-five minutes of squealing, shredding, wailing riffs while his wife, the voice of My Ruin, Tairrie Murphy, screams, roars and recites her poetic thoughts in a manner that is equally as violent as it is eloquent. Which, looking back over the content of The Sacred Mood, is as good a way as any to describe mood of the album.

Powerful, passionate and romantic yet unashamedly brutal, the likes of “God is a Girl with a Butcher Knife” sees Murphy screaming herself hoarse while “Insomniac Moon” conjures up images of the vocalist sat up at 4am in the quiet dark, poring every thought into the lyrics of this intense part spoken-word passage. Through her lyrics, there is a whole world that Murphy explores and uncovers; it’s a world that is dark, romantic and times horrific but, at the same time, as you will find listening to the likes of the breathtaking “Moriendo Renascor”, it’s a world hard not to want to immerse yourself in.

In summary then, as you listen to each new My Ruin record you pick up a familiar mood, a familiar vibe, they just up the intensity levels. The Sacred Mood sees them pushing that dial to the next level, a level that is crushingly heavy both lyrically and musically but at the same time, painfully romantic and honest. Still, as it’s a record that comes from the hands of Mick Murphy and the mind of Tairrie Murphy, be honest, what else did you expect?

Track Listing:

01. Monolith Of Wrath
02. Moriendo Renascor
03. God Is A Girl With A Butcher Knife
04. Heretic Dreams
05. Honey Of The Human Soul
06. Insomniac Moon
07. Hour Of The Wolf
08. Del Riche
09. Harsh Light Of Day
10. Trouble

Run Time: 33:48
Release Date: June 11, 2013

Check out the ‘The Sacred Mood’ album teaser


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