The Skinny: Nowadays, one man black metal bands are a dime a dozen. Anyone can create music from their bedrooms and oftentimes the results are horrid. However, occasionally a diamond shines forth from the sea of “same old, same old” black metal bands. In this case that diamond is Jacob Buczarski and his project Mare Cognitum.

According to Jacob himself, “This project was conceived to create unique and compelling atmospheres, capable of bringing the listener to the darkest unknown corners of the universe.” One listen to the sounds he puts out quickly makes one realize that indeed this is the case – the song compels one to other realms and creates soundscapes that are both dark, yet strangely alluring at the same time.

“A Vain Lament” is a fantastic song that showcases Jacob’s talents at his fullest and will make you want to seek out the rest of his music. Take a listen to the track and head over to Mare Cognitum’s Bandcamp page afterwards to hear more!