The Take Shelter EP is a two-song digital release/7″ by Massachusetts-based band Lavinia. Having never heard the group’s debut EP and having no accompanying bio, I had no idea what to expect from this album.

Uncertain of the genre and unable to find much info on the band, I pressed play and was surprised by what I heard. Instead of the usual metal fare that I get given to review, Lavinia is the type of post-rock that borders on metal without actually being metal, if you know what I mean? Think bands like Mogwai and you’ll get the picture—music that sounds both dreamy and dreary, soft and heavy at the same time. In short, music that wants to simultaneously be both metal and melodic.

Does it work? Yes and no. Personally, I feel that post-rock/post-metal is a little bit too formulaic for my tastes—start off quiet and introspective and then threaten to get noisy, but never really go into the metallic assault that you should. Basically the music is a bit too “safe” for my liking. That being said, Take Shelter should satisfy post-rock and metal fans as the songs are solid, they just could be a bit less restrained in my opinion.

Take Shelter Track Listing:

01. New Blood
02. Halo

Run Time: 11:48
Release Date: May 28, 2013
Record Label: The Mylene Sheath

Check out the album Take Shelter here: