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This is the exclusive world premiere and free download of “Heart/Home”, the latest track from the new album from Oxnard, California-based hardcore band HRBRS! The band emerged in the Southern California music scene in early 2011 when they were called Harbours. They quickly established themselves locally, but unfortunately were forced into taking a hiatus because of member issues. It took some time to sort things out, but the band re-emerged in mid-2012 with new members and a slight name change – HRBRS. If you had to describe the tone and feeling of their music, you may describe their sound as honest, heartfelt and genuine. The five-piece group possesses a fervor and maturity not often seen in a young, emerging band.

HRBRS has released several self-funded and self-released EPs as well as a split release with the scream band Love American. 2013 has been a special year for the band as the band embarked on their first ever tour in January which spanned the entire west coast. Now running high from the positive vibes of their last EP Nothing/Everything, HRBRS is just about to release their debut full-length entitled Always Holding On. Pre-order the album RIGHT HERE!