They’re baaaaaack! Hollerado is back with their sophomore album White Paint. If you’re wondering why the name sounds familiar, it’s only because you must have heard their highly successful track “Juliette” on Canadian Radio and TV for the past couple of years. Having been four years since their first release, with White Paint you can definitely hear a more mature Hollerado. Never fear though, maturing doesn’t mean less fun, they still have their signature sound!

The band released the first single “Pick Me Up” which then sat at number 3 spot on the Canadian Alt chart, not too shabby for 4 guys from Ottawa (ugh! Leafs fan, sorry guys). White Paint is full of sign-along choruses and is hella upbeat. It doesn’t stray too far from their previous effort, but the key elements to a great indie album are ever so present. This record is so energetic and fun that it would be hard not to have a great time at their shows.

You like a band for its music obviously, but this band is so much more. I don’t know any other groups that would write a custom song to one of their 200 fans who pre-ordered the album, that’s insane! If you think that’s rad, the band held a party with their friends to paint 2000 vinyl and 10,000 CD covers. White Paint might literally get you high on paint fumes!

Track Listing:

01. Wonder, Velocity, Charlie and Me
02. Don’t Think
03. Thanks for the Venom
04. Desire 126
05. Too Much to Handle
06. Lonesome George
07. So It Goes
08. I Want My Medicine
09. Pure Emotion
10. Fresno Chunk (Digging with You)
11. Pick Me Up

Run Time: 67:15
Release Date: February 26, 2013

Check out the song “Pick Me Up”