There Are No Maps Left is the debut release from the Virginia-based post-hardcore/post-rock band, From Fragile Seeds. After a short instrumental track the quartet get things rolling with “We Can Get Lost Again”, a song that builds from an almost airy sort of guitar riff into a mid-tempo rocking tune complete with gang vocals. For the most part, the rest of the tracks on the disc follow suit, each starting out quite simple and ethereal then gradually building into heavier, emotionally passionate tunes.

On first listen you don’t quite notice all of the complex and intricate things going on behind Andrew Inge’s extremely melodic, emotionally-charged vocals. But I think this is one of those records that you really need to listen to repeatedly in order to appreciate what the group has done in terms of time signatures, melodies, and rhythms. There Are No Maps Left is a mature release loaded with hidden goodies for any music connoisseur.

Track Listing:

01. Build Until
02. We Can Get Lost Again
03. Tear Through The Earth
04. The Greatest Men Of Confidence
05. Waking State
06. Spider
07. Where Your Anchors Sleep
08. The Weight Of The Ebb
09. Fuji

Run Time: 45:06
Release Date: July 12, 2013

Check out the song “Tear Through The Earth”