Sui Caedere is a solid 73 minutes of bone-crushing death/doom metal that will melt the skin off your skull while it simultaneously scrambles your brains; it is a mammoth of a disc.

Musically it is slow burning, super-gloomy, and heavy as hell; with a lethal mix of heavy guitars and growling vocals. The depressive guttural growls are powerful and really add perfectly to the overall vibe of the tracks. Unlike some doom/gloom acts this is not an over distorted mess though; there is quite a bit of clarity, melody and lots of melodic lead breaks that I feel keep the songs interesting and listenable – especially on the longer passages like the 13 minute opus “Those Who Don’t Return.”

Bottom line, I think this is a good release that I feel fans of the genre will absolutely dig.

Track Listing:

01. Awoken by Crows
02. The Haunting
03. Strigoi
04. A Note to Say Farewell
05. Depths of a Sick Mind
06. Those Who Don’t Return
07. Performed in Graphic Pain
08. Totem of a Pagan Thought
09. Yet I Breathe
10. Departure

Run Time: 73:46
Release Date: June 1, 2012

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