Utopia is the newest release from the Italian progressive metallic outfit Element Of Chaos and as it contains elements of so many varying musical styles, really defies sub-genre categorization and seems to simply fall under the heavy metal blanket. It is heavy and death metal raspy at times while at others it is lighter and much more melodic.

The heavier parts are very staccato and syncopated and reminded me a bit of Sevendust, while the cleaner parts sound a bit along the lines of Rage Against The Machine. All of the songs have a very technical/progressive feel to them, especially the guitar parts, which get can both quite intense and intricate.

The combination of these different styles works well for the most part, but I will note that at times it got almost overwhelming for me and felt too chaotic. All in all this is a pretty good offering that should appeal to a wide range of metal heads.

Track Listing:

01. E.I.P.
02. Our Grace
03. The Butterfly Effect
04. Utopia
05. Witch of the East
06. Oz
07. Witch of the West
08. Science
09. Muffin Killer

Run Time: 38:03
Release Date: June 8, 2013

Check out the song “Epiphany”