Just Ignite is the new release from the Chicago-based pop punk band Cliffhanger. Yes, it is pop punk and for the most part I try and stay away from this genre, but what can I say… this is a pretty solid EP. The three songs herein are edgier, heavier, and more enjoyable than just about anything I’ve previously heard from this genre.

I especially liked, “They Used To Call Me Anal Girl” – it has a killer, raw, high-energy vibe to it that I really dug. Believe it or not I actually found myself wishing this release had a few more tunes because at just over 9 minutes long, things just seemed to get rolling when it was all done. Length (and genre) concerns aside though, this is an EP that is worth checking out… I think Cliffhanger are definitely onto something.

Track Listing:

01. City Skyline
02. They Used To Call Me Anal Girl
03. Bruises and Sabotage

Run Time: 9:28
Release Date: May 7, 2013

Check out the song “City Skyline”