If progressive metal is your thing then the new release from Caricature, The Sound Of One Man’s World Collapsing, is going to be right up your alley. This is a dense, unpredictable record with lots of intricate nuances. I was not really sure what to make of it the first time through, and to be honest wasn’t even sure I liked it all that much, but after a second listen I began to really appreciate what these guys have done.

The songs themselves are multi-layered and require a bit of time to absorb, at least for me, but once you get into them they become enjoyable and infectious. Despite all the busyness though, at the core of the record is some serious down-tuned, percussive metal. A good example of which can be found in the tune, “Burning Damnation Down.” I am real sucker for this type of thing especially when done right… as it is here. Bottom line, this is a record that is well worth hearing.

Track Listing:

01. Into
02. Monuments
03. A Long Term Illness
04. Birth By Sleep
05. Burning Damnation Down
06. Saviors
07. Letter To H
08. Colorless Sky
09. Saviors II
10. Refrain
11. Crimson
12. Bleeding

Run Time: 52:32
Release Date: July 30th, 2013

Check out the song “Monuments”