The Skinny: Fountain of Uncertainty is the brand new album from death metal band Viranesir, available here as an exclusive album stream! Viranesir is a new death metal project created by the Yayla mastermind Emir Togrul. Originally created to be the solo project of the fictional main character in the film Drink From The Fountain of Uncertainty, the project is releasing the soundtrack as its debut album Fountain Of Uncertainty. The thirty minute album fuses together a variety of influences from hermetic extreme metal and dark music. There are ambient driven doom lullabies to saturated synthesizers to black metal melodies, all coming together to present a cosmos of inward gazing and a contemporary take on urban madness and isolation.

Just like his work on Yayla, each Fountain of Uncertainty CD is handmade to go along with Togrul’s grand vision. Togrul sprays the discs, cuts and inserts the prints for the jewel case and jacket, and what you get is a CD almost all made from scratch. This goes along with other Viranesir merchandise, as it all comes from the hands of the creator himself.