Loverdose is the latest release from the UK act Subset. Spanning a multitude of genres including fuzz, grunge, punk, rock, metal, etc., I found this to be an interesting listen, at least at first. While the songs are decent musically the disc falls flat with rather lackluster vocals and a raw (not in a good way) production.

The idea of differing genres was cool at first, but (for me at least) this disc was just a bit too spastic and scattered; I had a hard time staying with it as the songs had no natural flow into one another. Sure Loverdose is heavy and in many instances quite original, i just think the overall idea is half-baked.

This all said, I did not dislike the disc per se, but found that by the halfway point I was totally spent; I did mention it was quite raw right? Well there is no point in beating a dead horse… for me it was just a bit too much.

Track Listing:

01. In The Patient’s Waiting Room
02. Explode
03. Bayonet
04. Jaguar’s Spin
05. Loverdose
06. I’m A Hero In My Mind
07. Walk Elephants
08. What Youth Glamour?
09. I Don’t Want To Go Back Home
10. Second Nature
11. Remember The Sun
12. The Man Who Drunk Cried and Sung
13. Tomb Of The Mermaid
14. Last Seconds Before Dying Alone

Run Time: 41:34
Release Date: January 16, 2013

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