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Prescott, the old territorial capitol of Arizona, is known for its Storm of Perception. Six seekers, desert rats and righteous rock n rollers all, have come together to form a brotherhood bound by the supersonic steel sound of Storm of Perception. And what better way to get a peeling introduction to the band than with this free download of their song “Tempest”?

This epic metal sextet are without a doubt, one of the new “Americans Band to Watch.” As demonstrated on their album debut, Into The Sun, their sound is raw and uncompromising. It mixes power, thrash, symphonic, and even black metal elements with a larger-than-life lyrical approach that promises to please everyone from fans of Dream Theater and Children Of Bodom, to Dimmu Borgir. On top of that, the Arizona-based outfit are signed to Tru-B-Dor Records, the new label established by former Guns ‘N Roses manager Alan Niven. Watch the eff out!