On their newest offering, Weapon, Skinny Puppy return to their roots releasing a record that is heavy on ’80s electro while still maintaining their classic dark, heavy overtones. Skinny Puppy has a unique way of embedding very serious subject matter over top of some of the best industrial music around; it’s both extremely rhythmic and danceable. This is a group that has continually pushed boundaries with their unconventional, innovative song structures and in the process have become the blueprint for scores of bands that followed.

Weapon is really good. Plain and simple. It is dark and melancholic, but definitely burrows under your skin and gets you raging like any great industrial disc should. I think fans of the band will be ecstatic with this release and those who are not so familiar with this legendary and influential act might find this a good way to acquaint themselves with the band’s music posthaste.

Track Listing:

01. Wornin
02. Illicit
03. Salvo
04. Glowbe
05. Solvent
06. Paragun
07. Survivalisto
08. Tsudanama
09. Plasicage
10. Terminal

Run Time: 44:35
Release Date: May 28, 2013

Check out the song “Paragun”