I was pleasantly surprised by this disc. Not knowing what to expect, I once again had a preconceived notion that Threads was going to be another run of the mill indie rock band; I cold not have been more wrong. Threads is a solid hard rock record that immediately grabbed my attention.

While the album does have that sort of under produced, raw kind of indie vibe to it, I found it to be so much more than just that. I think the songs are well-written, perhaps slightly off center, but much more approachable than what you would find on your typical indie offering.

I was particularly fond of the last track on the disc, “We Bake We Sew” – an odd title, but a great song with a hypnotizing drum beat and terrific hook. At the end of the day, Threads is a disc that I will absolutely revisit on a regular basis.

Track Listing:

01. Sister You Don’t Know What Rough Is
02. Young Bucks
03. Conductor Conduct
04. A Hush and a Heavy Hand
05. A Great Roar
06. Threads
07. I Should’ve Been A Pair Of Ragged Claws
08. Over And Out
09. Hold ‘Em Up
10. The Hardest Part
11. We Bake We Sew

Run Time: 50:11
Release Date: July 22, 2013

Check out the song “I Should Have Been A Pair Of Ragged Claws”