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Available here as a free download is “House of Leaves”, the latest song from Sarin! Sarin is a Toronto-based sludge/experimental metal band that was formed in May of 2012 by David Wilson, Aleks Hara, and Daniel Vu in a hot and humid suburban garage. After a spattering of shows here and there, some rough-sounding basement recordings, and several lineup changes, Sarin decided to get down to serious business and step up their effort. The band started to record with Mississauga-based producer and musician Jacob Hrajnik, formerly of the math rock quartet Civil.

The result of the collaboration with Hrajnik is the new four song EP from Sarin titled House of Leaves. The EP has been well-received since its early April release. The four songs and 20 total minutes ambiguously chronicle the plot and themes of Mark Z. Danielewski’s infamous novel of the same title. To help get their music out to the masses, Sarin have some shows planned throughout southern Ontario this Summer. Make sure to check their Bandcamp site for the latest on this emerging local act.