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When you think about it, naming your band Righteous Vendetta is a lot like calling yourself Virtuous Vengeance (if anyone would like to steal and copyright that name, just remember, you can’t afford me). Jokes aside, this is a band that is making some serious progress, currently touring the U.S. with Hurt and Smile Empty Soul. For a lot of people, Righteous Vendetta does not require any introduction, having already released two full-length records. They have been on numerous tours which have added up to over 800 shows worldwide which has given the band a fan base beyond the United States.

The Wyoming hardcore band most recently staged a European tour with veterans Spoken and Inhale Exhale, hitting half a dozen countries across Central and Eastern Europe. Their recent single “The Pain” spent 15 weeks in the top 20 on Billboard’s Christian Rock chart, quite an achievement for an independent hardcore/metal band. Their most recent release is a self-titled EP released earlier this year which will be followed by a third full-length album released latest this summer and including this free track we’re offering you, “What You’ve Done.”