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“Pig” is the newest track from English act Purify The Horror and we’re please to offer you not only the world premiere, but also a free download. The band is a three-piece who would describe themselves as a version of grindcore metal and collectively feature members of Binah, Towers Of Flesh, Necrotize, The Solemn Curse, Funeral Throne, Throes, Theoktony, Tomorrow Come The Wolves, Labyrinth, and others. All three members, Sergeant Squeal (vocals), Bear Pig (guitars, bass), and Lord Pig (drums) have been prominent within the underground music scene for some time now. Interestingly, they have all decided to remain anonymous as a band and adopt the images of filthy pigs in an effort to incite the grind revolution.

Purify The Horror’s self-titled debut EP is a seventeen minute long celebration of sensory depravity propounded by a vile concoction of filthy riffage, blast-beats, and a dual vocal attack. They are planning a short run of lives shows to help promote the EP so stay tuned for more from these three “pigs.”