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“Answer the Call” is the latest soon-to-be-hit from garage rock/power pop band Missing Monuments. The man behind Missing Monuments is none other than garage rock and power pop legend King Louie. Louie has played in bands with Jack Oblivion and Jay Reatard who just happens to be the guy who got Jay into Flying V guitars. He also wrote a lot of the Exploding Hearts “Guitar Romantic” and bands such as the Black Lips often reference King Louie as an idol in interviews. Missing Monuments has now returned with their first full-length record.

Missing Monuments got started in 2009 when King Louie and lead guitarist Julien Fried got together with drummer Aaron Hill and bassist Bennett Bartley. In 2010 they recorded their first 7 inch and went out touring the Midwest following by a five week voyage across Europe. Benny Divine soon replaced Bennett Bartley on bass shortly after the release of Missing Monuments’ debut album Painted White in June 2011. Armed with a new lineup and album, the band went out on tour through the east coast and Midwest again.