The Skinny: Dream Theater’s Jame LaBrie is back with a powerful new studio album effort entitled Impermanent Resonance, to be released on July 29th, 2013 in Europe and August 6th, 2013 in North America via InsideOutMusic. The new album’s dynamic opening track, “Agony”, is now available to be checked out via the YouTube player below!

James LaBrie comments about “Agony” as follows: “I am completely over the top with Impermanent Resonance and here is its first single, ‘Agony’. I am more than sure that you will be banging your head and your blood will be coursing through you like jet fuel. As far as I am concerned this is only a teaser to 11 other tracks that will take you for a dynamic and emotional ride. Crank this song and Raaaaaaaawk!”

Matt Guillory, LaBrie’s songwriting partner for over a dozen years now and keyboardist/background vocalist on Impermanent Resonance added as follows: “Stylistically, I think ‘Agony’ is an interesting blend of melodic death metal and pop – from the riffing and blast beats interspersed in the intro, to where it really opens up melodically in the chorus. I like the pop-influenced interplay of the lead vocal and the keyboards that occur in the verse and chorus. This was a real fun collaboration with Peter Wichers. It’s got a little bit of everything.”

Impermanent Resonance Track Listing:

01. Agony
02. Undertow
03. Slight Of Hand
04. Back On The Ground
05. I Got You
06. Holding On
07. Lost In The Fire
08. Letting Go
09. Destined To Burn
10. Say You’re Still Mine
11. Amnesia
12. I Will Not Break


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