They are already on their ninth studio outing, and as with many big-name extreme metal acts, this New York death metal squad has proven to be a reliable group to fall back on when the experimental metal or latest progressive tech-death thingamajiggy gets banal. Graced by eye-catching, dystopian artwork from the mighty Pär Olofsson, one can easily tell that this record hurls the usual dark and misanthropic verbal brickbats at postmodern society (y’know, ordinary people being suppressed by governmental forces and shit), and it’s a great visual aid to the punishing music.

Ross Dolan’s deep and guttural growls sound as aptly beastial as usual, and his bitter anger can certainly be felt keenly on every song. There are plenty of squealing guitar licks n’ solos that are like sinful dollops of BBQ sauce on the meaty, death metal chugs too. And then there are the percussive bombardments that satisfy the urge to headbang until the forehead caves in. Extreme metal old-timers would definitely dig this, but perhaps not without giving the usual complaint about the “fake” drum sound and polished audio production first.

Track Listing:

01. Kingdom of Conspiracy [3:48]
02. Bound to Order [3:49]
03. Keep the Silence [4:06]
04. God Complex [3:35]
05. Echoes of Despair [3:45]
06. Indoctrinate [4:49]
07. The Great Sleep [5:22]
08. A Spectacle of Lies [3:14]
09. Serving Divinity [3:36]
10. All That Awaits Us [4:50]

Run Time: 40:48
Release Date: May 14, 2013

Check out the song “Kingdom of Conspiracy”