“I am the Huntress, I’m on your trail. When I want you here you’d better not fail” screams Jill Janus, vocalist with California bangers Huntress. The track? “I Want To Fuck You To Death”. The creator of these lyrics? One Sir Lemmy Kilmister. So, let’s take those elements – awesome lyrics written by a heavy metal legend, a female vocalist with a voice capable of shriveling testicles at fifty yards and a song called “I Want To Fuck You To Death” – how can Starbound Beast, the new album by the California quintet, be anything other than heavy metal magic?

Well, after the rollicking opener, “Blood Sisters”, and the neck-snapping “I Want To Fuck You To Death”, there is the danger that Huntress have shot their musical load very early on but, as “Destroy Your Life” kicks in with some bone-breaking riffing, it’s obvious that the Cali quintet clearly have more up their sleeve than just superstar heavy metal mates. For a start, Janus has matched the thundering riffs with some truly magnificent heavy metal lyrics. Gems like “Burnt and lost, at your cost, Shallow graves are made for slaves, We await your escape, Keep your goals away from trolls.” Trolls, fire, graves, slaves.. how much more heavy metal can you get? Well, try “Zenith” for a starter – a vein-busting slab of heavy fucking metal thrashery matched only in brilliance by hearing Janus’ wail about vaporizing earthly tombs!

Oh, it gets better or continually more mental as the album progresses through the soaring “Oracle” and the brilliantly epic “Spectra Spectral” before this banger of a release wails to its conclusion with the gloriously over the top “Alpha Tauri” – six minutes where Huntress reign in the thrashing to bring the album to a slightly more tempered conclusion. Starbound Beast is a heavy metal album in the truest sense of the phrase so, if over-the-top metal of an epic nature floats your boat these days, make sure this album is top of your list of purchases in the coming weeks.

Track Listing:

01. Enter The Exosphere
02. Blood Sisters
03. I Wanna Fuck You To Death
04. Destroy Your Life
05. Starbound Beast
06. Zenith
07. Oracle
08. Receiver
09. Spectra Spectral
10. Alpha Tauri

Run Time: 45:19
Release Date: June 28, 2013

Check out the song “Spell Eater”


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