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“Allergy” is the latest punch in the face from Los Angeles rock/punk band Harmful If Swallowed. The group is out to prove that homegrown rock is at its finest with their stirring live performances, hard-hitting rock beats, and memorable lyrics. This foursome offer their own formula of rock, evolving from the earlier days of punk to a modern array of pop punk and rock that’s layered with their own views and twists. Their latest release is the EP Allergy which illustrates well Harmful If Swallowed’s determination to further develop and improve as musicians and artists. As the writing of this EP began, the band was inspired to create a new sound and take on a new direction.

Harmful If Swallowed first got their start with the 2006 release of Server which was featured on many MTV shows. Fueled by this early recognition, the band started to play a lot more shows while continuing to build their craft as song writers. In 2009 they released their sophomore album The Chronicles of Losing which featured more time on MTV. The group started to land even better gigs, playing with Korn, Unwritten Law, The Addicts and Fear. The new EP Allergy is an intelligent departure from the band’s earlier sound that proves to their fans that they are evolving and only getting better.