Everything Happens for the First Time is the newest solo offering from Eli Mardock, ex-front man for the popular indie band Eagle Seagull. This is a curiously quirky, incredibly catchy record that completely caught me off guard. The combination of Mardock’s hypnotizing vocals, odd timings, and instrumentation make this record hard to put down.

On numerous occasions I found myself almost hypnotized and lulled by Mardock’s vocals, or a lush, ethereal female vocal, only to be startled from my daze by a seemingly misplaced piano or overdriven drum rhythm. At times the record is dancy and new wave-ish while at others it’s sullen and melancholy. Everything Happens for the First Time really runs the gamut as far as indie musical styles go, but in the end this is a really solid release. Plain and simple.

Track Listing:

01. Everything Happens For The First Time
02. Everything Is Good
03. Theologians Tell Me
04. Algebra and the Moon
05. If You’re With Me, Then You’re Against Me
06. Hold On
07. Children Of The World’s New Uterus
08. The King Of The Crickets
09. The Way Of The Future

Run Time: 46:30
Release Date: July 9, 2013

Check out the song “Everything Happens For The First Time”