The cassette revival has been criticized by many as nothing more than hipster romanticism of a lousy format that deserved to die the horrible death it did. Others (myself included) love the format and consider it to be a good, cheap way to distribute quality music in a physical format. Really, it’s hard not to like the format, especially when great albums like Coltsblood’s Beyond the Lake of Madness get released.

The UK-based band began in 2010 when John (bass, vocals), Jem (guitar), and Steve (drums) began drinking and writing together. Inspired by dark myths, legends, history, death, and the human mind, the band is driven by a mutual love of beer and the calling forth of riffs to summon dark legends. The song “Abyss of Aching Agony” is 14 minutes of heavy doom that will please any fan of heavy music. Stream the song below and check out the band’s Bandcamp page to buy a copy of the tape which is limited to 100 copies!