Vinyl and cassette seem to be the preferred formats nowadays for most people into black and death metal. Limited edition releases with awesome cover art and cool extras make the releases special and adds to the overall experience. Sometimes; however, the limited edition and extras are only meant to distract you from the fact that the music is horrible. Fortunately with Aura, this is not the case.

Aura, despite being only three songs long, contains some of the finest death metal I’ve heard in 2013. Unlike a lot of underground death metal releases where the production is lo-fi just to sound cool, Aura strikes a balance with the production where everything is just right – not overproduced, but not so lo-fi that you can’t tell if you’re listening to music or just static.

The songs aren’t hooky, but they are engaging. The songs don’t get into a ton of blast beats but are still extremely heavy, at times almost sounding similar to Blut Aus Nord in my opinion. This EP is highly recommended and limited to 1000 copies, so pick one up ASAP!

Track Listing:

01. CME
02. Entranced By the Wolfshook
03. The Great Unifier

Run Time: 23:45
Release Date: May 13, 2013

Check out the song “Entranced By the Wolfshook”