Like Emmure, Atlanta party-deathcore boys Attila just make it so easy for the world to hate them and their generic party-deathcore. The thing is, as they are at pains to point out numerous times during “Middle Fingers Up”, the opening track to their fifth album, they give precisely zero fucks as to what you think about them going as far as to encourage all the haters (and, let’s face it, there are plenty) to suck their cocks.

About That Life is basically an album for kids who missed out on the dumbness of the nu-metal era and who are still easily impressed with bands who sing about drugs and partying. Songs like “Hellraiser” and “Back Talk” continue what fellow nu-metal/deathcore crossover nutcases Emmure started meaning that their part rap, part nu-metal, part deathcore, part electronica based sound makes the two bands fairly interchangeable. You can also pretty much guarantee that, thanks to plenty of references to drugs, bitches and “fucking you up”, there is also not one second of About That Life that is going to test you on any level musically or lyrically.

However, if you want a right laugh, skip to track ten, “Callout”, where frontman Chris Fronzak takes a swipe at some of the characters of the modern metal scene (Ronnie Radke, Johnny Craig, and Oli Sykes amongst others), with lyrical gems like “watch me laughing my ass off while I piss in your face.” It’s bound to cause a stir amongst the “scene” kids but, again, listening to Fronzak ranting about stealing MacBooks, it’s pretty clear he doesn’t actually give a fuck what people will think.

While there is nothing remotely groundbreaking or impressive about this album, you’ve got to give them credit for making it last for five albums because, they know full well that the ratio of haters to lovers is going to lean heavily towards the former. Still, while you’re stressing out slagging them off on web forums, you can rest assured the quintet won’t be giving you a second thought as they’re getting laid and having the time of their lives.

Track Listing:

01. Middle Fingers Up
02. Hellraiser
03. Rageaholics
04. Backtalk
05. Leave a Message
06. About That Life
07. Thug Life
08. Break Shit
09. Gimmicks and Lie$
10. Callout
11. Unforgiveable
12. Shots for the Boys
13. Party With The Devil
14. The New Kings

Run Time: 39:06
Release Date: June 25, 2013

Check out the song “Party With The Devil”


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