This one is a bit mellower than the discs I am asked to review, but it’s an interesting one nonetheless. So God Damn Over It is a folk record plain and simple. There are no bells and whistles here, just a collection of well-written, stripped down songs each with very personal, introspective lyrics.

For many this is the perfect soundtrack for a pub setting, and I can easily picture it playing in the background of my local watering hole as I toss a few back with friends. Can’t say much else about the disc as it’s pretty much exactly what you would expect from a modern day folk rock record. If this mellow music is your sort of thing, then both Tony Saxon and So God Damn Over It will be right up your alley.

Track Listing:

01. Mean Disposition
02. Never Canonized
03. Retaliation
04. Poison & a Prayer
05. So God Damn Over It
06. Young Man, Old Van (ft, Matt Olsson)
07. Burn Kid Burn

Run Time: 29:05
Release Date: March 7, 2013

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