The French metal band Shoot The Girl First will be releasing their debut disc, Follow The Clouds, on June 4th. This is an interesting album to say the least and combines a synthy/electro vibe with some heavy, killer post-hardcore. The intro “No Tales, No Worries,” sort of took me off guard with its driving electronic-laced instrumental – I was having flashbacks to the few times I actually ventured into a “Rave.”

It doesn’t take long; however, for the whole vibe of the record to change… and for the better I think. “Give & Take” hits like a ton of bricks and while there is still a heavy electronic presence, there are also a ton of guttural vocals and guitar-driven breakdowns.

The rest of the album pretty much follows suite, except for “An Ocean For The Eyeless”. This song comes off like a pop ballad and honestly seems almost out of place among the rest of the techno-metal. Overall though, even with the growing trend for this style of music, this is a fairly decent disc and I applaud the band’s creativity and willingness to step outside the box and do something different.

Track Listing:

01. No Tales, No Worries
02. Give & Take
03. Jagerbomb
04. We’ll Never Fall
05. Rest In Pieces
06. Autumn Skies
07. A Party On Your Mother’s Grave
08. An Ocean For The Eyeless
09. Follow The Clouds
10. Last Lesson, Be A Hero

Run Time: 38:52
Release Date: June 4, 2013

Check out the song “Give & Take”