21st Century Megalomaniac is the newest (and fourth) release from the Los Angeles-based industrial hard rock act Madlife. The EP is a catchy rock-driven album loaded with enough groove to keep you moving on the dance floor, but still hard enough that you can bang your head.

On this release Madlife achieves what I think is a perfect balance between the two sub-genres; it’s not too electronic and yet not too heavy. Moreover, this is a very melodic record with tons of memorable hooks that just seem to get stuck in your head long after the record stops. It’s a shame there are only five tracks here… this is an offering I could listen to on a regular basis.

Track Listing:

01. Just One Gun
02. To Live and Die in Hollywood
03. I Know the Feeling
04. Pain of Pleasure
05. Still Alive

Run Time: 19:53
Release Date: May 14, 2013

Check out the song “Just One Gun”