From the infectiously propulsive “Team Spirit”, Whack Yer Brain‘s garage-pop peaks within its first three minutes and although the other tracks have their own subjacent charms, they leave the opener to do all the work. It’s like “Team Spirit” is that one dude at work who kills it, and the four other songs are you and your three buddies who dick around in a burnout, Workaholics kind of way and do jack all.

“Party Favors” and “Beware Heather Sinclair” come in as the next best tracks on the EP, but the one about a haircut and closer “Adams” don’t do enough to impress. So I take it for what it is: a debut EP with one standout track and enough musical promise to suggest staying tuned for more.

Track Listing:

01. Team Spirit
02. Beware Heather Sinclair
03. Party Favors
04. Spinner’s Got A Mohawk
05. Adams

Run Time: 14:48
Release Date: April 20, 2013

Check out the song “Team Spirit”