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“Wrecking Ball”, the hot new download available here for all ya’ll rockers, is the latest track from the “ballcrushing” rock band I Plead Irony. The group is a three-piece that consists of members Rauf (bass, vocals) Lawrence (drums) and Paul (guitar) who together made up 60% of The Fins, 66.6% of Ipanema, and 75% of the French band Atomic Garden. They had already begun to make a name for themselves with several records and European and British tours in the aforementioned bands which has only added to the current exposure that I Plead Irony is receiving. By combining explosive riffs, thundering bass grooves, and powerful drums, IPI have create a truly unique sound.

Now based in Farnborough, I Plead Irony recently released their debut record This Statement Is False, mixed by renowned French producer Guillaume Doussaud. The record is packed with explosive riffs, pulsing rhythms and finely crafted songs that burst out of your speakers and burrow deep into your subconscious. If you like rock with plenty of punch, then “Wrecking Ball” will serve as an ideal introduction to this up and coming band.