It has to be said that there is something about Seattle mob Grenades that makes you keep listening to their Heaven Is Empty album. The thing is, I can’t put my finger on what it is and it’s driving me absolutely nuts. What I do know is that the colossal-sounding riffs filling their first proper album make it an absolutely riveting listen.

Obviously, coming from Seattle, a place more famous for the grunge explosion of the 90’s, there is a hint of that in the fuzzy, distorted sound pouring out of this record. Thankfully though, there is so much more to Heaven Is Empty than rehashed grunge. Listen closely and, during songs like “Emerald”, you can hear moments of slow, punishing dirge used by bands like Botch and Will Haven, vying for air space alongside the intricate twists used by bands like the Deftones.

On the other hand, the Seattle quartet show they aren’t averse to the idea of opening up the throttle for a bit of gasoline-soaked rock n’roll as “Syria” highlights. Like I said, there is something about this record that makes it a compulsive listen and maybe it’s the fact that when the quartet lock together the various inspirations that make up their sound, the end result is quite magical.

A band who are built for life on the road, Grenades have hundreds of shows under their road weary feet and it is partly this constant gigging which has contributed to the long wait for this record that fans of the band have had to endure. Thankfully, a few listens to the colossal riffs belting out of their speakers and those same fans will realise why bands like Grenade are still showing those waiting for the Seattle grunge revival that there is so much more to the music scene of Seattle than flannel shirts and Kurt Cobain. Heaven Is Empty is the sound of Seattle in 2013, it’s rowdy, riffy, heavy as hell and a whole load of rock n’ roll fun!

Track Listing:

01. Emerald
02. Dead Air
03. Syria
04. Misery Whip
05. L’Esorcista
06. Heaven Is Empty
07. All Hail The Snake
08. Belly Of The Beast
09. Collecting Your Bones
10. Reconciler

Running Time: 35:37
Release Date: May 07, 2013

Check out the song “Dead Air”


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