I only got into Begrime Exemious when I heard their full-length, Visions of the Scourge. While the album didn’t exactly reinvent the wheel, it was still an extremely solid release. As you can probably tell by the band’s name and artwork, Begrime Exemious play blackened death metal. The slight twist in this case however, is that they add a bit of a punk/crust vibe to their music, which is actually pretty cool.

Wasteland of Damnation is a limited edition 7″ EP that the group is releasing through Fuel Injected Records. While in some cases a 7″ is nothing more than a couple of crappy songs that a band releases in order to satisfy a few die hard fans, in this case it’s instead the real deal. The three tracks on this release are just as solid as anything I heard on Visions of the Scourge and will satisfy even the most rabid extreme metal fan.

The EP is fast and furious from beginning to end, with each song blasting through the speakers relentlessly. The most apt sonic description would be a cross between early Carcass and Napalm death, with a touch of black metal thrown in. The songs themselves are like a sonic punch to the face and unfortunately the album seems to end much too abruptly.

While I can’t say Begrime Exemious is totally original, one thing I can state with confidence is that they are extremely solid! I’ll be looking forward to their next full-length as well as catching them on their West Coast tour this Summer. Wasteland of Damnation is sure to end up a collector’s item due to its limited quantities, so pick it up while you can!

Track Listing:

01. Armageddon’s Whore
02. Beyond the Threshold of Oblivion
03. Stellar Stillbirth

Run Time: 13:40
Release Date: June 1, 2013

Check out the song “Armageddon’s Whore”