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Instead of just one measly song, we’re offering you a free download of the entire XUL album titled Malignance! XUL is an energetic, five-piece blackened death metal group that hails from Vernon, British Columbia. The band follows in the footsteps of some of their influences like Behemoth, Dissection, and Immortal, but XUL is now setting its own course to forge its own version of blackened death metal. Their live performance is fast-paced, electrifying and interactive, with crushing rhythms and punishing percussion along with subtle vocal harmonies. The songs are reminiscent of war-torn landscapes, destructive human nature and evil intention which has greatly appealed to audiences and garnered highly positive live reviews.

The band’s first full-length album Malignance was released last summer to similar positive reviews. XUL are no strangers to the road in Western Canada, having toured it solidly along with playing shows with other metal masters such as bscura, Exhumed, Vreid, Kampfar, Woods of Ypres, Macabre, Withered, Cephalic Carnage, Archspire and 3 Inches of Blood. They have a spring tour looming in the near future that will hopefully help XUL expand its horizons beyond Western Canada to the rest of the country.