If there’s one thing occasionally lacking in the current crop of electronic wonders, it’s fun. Fun is what sets Letherette apart, what makes them more than just another act in electronica, and what makes their self-titled debut a classic album. ‘Letherette’ is, dare we say it, a classic of ‘dance’ music generally.

Letherette – Letherette (Album Sampler)

The young duo from Wolverhampton have won hearts, minds and feet with four EPs, stunning remixes for Machinedrum and Bibio, and exuberant live shows. It’s easy to see why they inspire such enthusiasm; they understand the cutting edge without feeling afraid to let themselves go, and their music is all the better for it. ‘Letherette’ explores mood confidently, taking in introspective, melancholic moments as well as upbeat drive, and lending their debut extraordinary depth.

Opener ‘After Dawn’ sets their stable out clearly, a moodily beautiful song with a startling midway switch-up that changes the mood of any room it’s played in. Single ‘D&T’ in many ways stands as the childhood friends’ mission statement; music that’s experimental in the best of ways, finding new pathways to moving people. From spacial synths to wig out guitar, it’s utterly infectious.

Letherette – D&T (Dorian Concept Remix)

‘The One’ again grips the ear with atmosphere, before lifting off with a deep arpeggio and driving, dubby house glitch. ‘Cold Clam’ strings together melodic fragments and addictive, swinging drums in the most pleasurable of ways. It’s music you’re surprised you don’t hear more often; deceptively simple and enthrallingly inspired.

‘Space Cuts’ drives along in a way that makes you feel that dancefloor music has a future you might be interested in, and album closer ‘Say The Sun’ is as beautiful and epic as anything in electronic music. This is no loosely-strung collection of songs, it’s a careful, cohesive body of work.

Letherette – ‘D&T’ (Official Video)

If you’re someone that wants to enjoy music as much as you admire it, Letherette will put a big, day-long smile on your face.

Letherette – “Letherette” Tracklist:
1. After Dawn
2. D&T
3. Restless
4. I Always Wanted You Back
5. The One
6. Gas Stations And Restaurants
7. Cold Clam
8. Warstones
9. Boosted
10. Space Cuts
11. Hard Martha
12. Say The Sun 6:23

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