The Skinny: FUCKING BOOM! That is basically the sound you’ll be greeted with when you hit play on this, the world premiere of the new track “Dead Air” from the band Grenades. Taken from their latest record, Heaven Is Empty, this is a perfect example of Grenades’ explosive (pardon the pun) post-hardcore, post-punk, post-whatever power!

The band hails from Seattle, WA and was formed in late 2009. Influenced by acts such as Coliseum, Botch, and Young Widows the guys have played locally and regionally with bands like Akimbo, Gaza, Helms Alee, Narrows, Sandrider, and many others since their first show in 2010. The quartet have already earned respect in Seattle’s music scene by playing in beloved Northwest noisemakers including Kane Hodder and Claymore. Just a few months after forming, the band self-released a three-song demo, and in 2011 they co-released a split 12-inch with Mercy Ties.

And now, after three years, hundreds of shows, and a lot of beer and bad jokes, Heaven Is Empty is finally here. Recorded with Christiaan Morris at the Red Room in Seattle, Heaven Is Empty boasts both an impressive, seasoned technical ability (see: guitar riffs on “Collecting Your Bones”) as well as unyielding fervor (check Yost’s throat-shredding on opener “Emerald” – shit doesn’t sound human), making it a powerful addition to Seattle’s exciting hard rock scene.