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Ok, so outside of what may be the coolest song title ever, we’re totally geeking out on this exclusive world premiere of Gaytheist’s song track “Elderly Assassin”! The song comes from the band’s latest album Hold Me…But Not So Tight which will be released on May 21st by Good To Die Records. The new full-length finds the power trio dishing out an abundance of punchy riffs, huge drums, and lead singer Jason Rivera’s unique take on love and life. The album was recorded in top speed earlier this year at Interlace Audio with Stealth Beats producer Stephan Hawkes. The speed at which the members of Gaytheist recorded their latest record is illustrative of how tight the musicianship has become between Rivera, drummer Nickolis Parks and bassist Tim Hoff.

Hold Me…But Not So Tight is the follow-up to last year’s breakthrough Stealth Beats. Aside from the song “Poocano,” “Elderly Assassin” is the other silly song on the album. An elderly assassin who should be retired takes aim at his latest target, then becomes unsure of whether it is indeed the right one because the guy’s mustache is a different colour. Instead, the assassin asks his target out for dinner. If you had to rate originality of song subject matter, Gaytheist would definitely get an A+.