Carcharodon’s Roachstomper is a bit of an oddity. Judging from the album name I had assumed that the band would play some form of stoner rock or fuzzed-out doom. And sure, while at times having both stoner and doom elements, the album itself can’t really be described as such.

While Roachstomper does start off with a crushing doom riff in “Stoneface Legacy”, the song quickly takes a turn into more groove metal like territory and stays there more often than not. The remaining songs have similar stylistic quirks with some of the them having rock and even country-ish elements. The “croakles” of the band’s singer Dr. Pixo the Mania is a bit of an acquired taste at times, but oddly enough suits the music itself.

Despite the fact that the album is being marketed by their label as “stoner metal/death n roll” the band is in fact more of an undefinable mish-mash of different styles. That said the tracks are actually quite unique and well played, but the problem is that they also lack the punch that would put them over the top. The result is that Roachstomper while different, ultimately fails to live up to its potential.

Track Listing:

01. Stoneface Legacy
02. Pig Squeal Nation
03. Adolf Yeti
04. Beaumont Tx.
05. Jumbo Squid
06. Marilyn Monrhoid
07. Chupacobra.
08. Burial In Whiskey Waves
09. Alaska Pipeline
10. Voodoo Autpsy
11. The Sky Has No Limits

Run Time: 52:02
Release Date: April 5, 2013

Check out the song “Burial in Whiskey Waves”