On April 16th, after nearly ten years, the California-based hard rock outfit Oleander is finally releasing their newest effort, Something Beautiful. I was a fan of the group back in the day and as such was quite excited to check out this release. After such a long hiatus, though, I was wondering if they would still rock; after-all many bands do not make “the return” so gracefully.

I am pleased to report though that Oleander has transitioned back into the mainstream hard rock arena exceptionally well; top to bottom, Something Beautiful is a fantastic record. As you would expect, the disc is packed to the gills with tons of melodies and memorable hooks, yet there also remains a nice raw, edgy quality to the songs as well. I fully expect a few of these tunes to be tearing up the alt rock/hard rock radio stations this Summer.

Something Beautiful is fun, enjoyable, and perfect for those long Spring/Summer drives with the radio cranked, windows down, and not a care in the world. Definitely give this one a spin, it’s really quite a solid offering and makes for a welcome return to form for Oleander.

Track Listing:

01. Fight
02. Something Beautiful
03. Bulletproof
04. Until It’s Over
05. Never Too Late
06. Save The Best
07. Save Me
08. You Are The One
09. Daylight
10. Where Do We Go From Here
11. How Do We Say Goodbye

Run Time:
Release Date: April 16, 2013

Check out the song “Something Beautiful”