Enabler have been around for only four or five years, but have seen a number of releases on various record labels and have spent seemingly endless amounts of time on the road. With their latest offering, Shift Of Redemption, due out April 9th via Think Fast! in 7″ format, the Milwaukee punk/hardcore/metal act serve up a crusty chunk of pissed off crossover that reminds me of everything good about punk rock.

You will find complex arrangements and tight-as-a-drum delivery at breakneck speed here, all while somehow keeping one foot firmly planted in the metal spectrum. The exception to this rule can be found in “Fallselflessly”, which is an emotionally powerful and decidedly slower song, spilling over with catchy goodness while still being heavy as fuck. I look forward to the next (hopefully longer) release from these guys… really good stuff and highly recommended!

Track Listing:

01. Shift Of Redemption
02. Live Low
03. Sacrifice
04. Fallselflessly

Run Time: ??:??
Release Date: April 9, 2013