Ancient VVisdom’s A Godlike Inferno was one of my favorite releases of the last few years. Their blend of acoustic rock and black metal-like lyrics was both catchy and brilliant. I honestly don’t recall another album that really grabbed me as much as that one did.

When I found out that the band’s Deathlike album was coming out, I wanted to hear it, but at the same time I was worried I would be massively disappointed. As a result, I put off listening to Deathlike for some time and instead played repeat after repeat of A Godlike Inferno to “prepare” for my review.

When I finally did put the album on, I have to admit, I was disappointed. The songs weren’t immediate and none had that instant hook of earlier tracks such as “The Opposition” or “Lost Civilization”. The music had a bit of a darker edge to it, but nothing leapt out at first. After listening to the album several times; however, I have to say that Deathlike is in fact a grower of a release. For me, the music didn’t actually click until hearing the album for the fourth or fifth time, but when it did, I became fully convinced that Deathlike will become looked upon as a classic.

While the band still has moments of sounding like “Jar of Flies” era Alice in Chains, they have in fact moved into more of their own sound. The songs are less satanically overt than on the previous album, but their darkness still remains. While not exactly heavy metal, the album should appeal to both metal fans and even more adventurous rock fans who dare to listen.

Track Listing:

01. The Beginning
02. Let the End Begin
03. Life on Earth?
04. Deathlike
05. Far Beyond Good and Evil
06. I am Rebirth
07. Look Alive
08. Waiting to Die
09. Death or Victory
10. The Last Man on Earth
11. Never Live Again
12. Here Is the Grave

Run Time: 39: 22
Release Date: February 5, 2013

Check out the song “Deathlike”