Ever since the days of the New Wave Of Swedish Death Metal explosion, you have always been able to depend on Swedish bands to deliver quality material regardless of genre, post-hardcore mob Adept being no exception to that rule. Despite worrying signs early on that their third album was going to be riddled with clichés (“We are the Voice of the Youth” *shudder*), the frustrated, pent-up fury of frontman Robert Ljung’s lyrics on “Means To An End (The Greatest Betrayer)” sees the Swedes put some distance between themselves and the rest of the hit n’ miss post-hardcore scene.

Seething with aggression, Silence The World is an album littered with quality moments and will certainly find a welcome home in those of you out there who like your metalcore to hit you like train. On the other hand, if you’re a fan of the more recent Bring Me The Horizon material, you’ll certainly appreciate tracks like “Aftermath”, which may be built around a spine of bruising metalcore, but are given some depth with layers of atmospherics.

On the downside the inclusion of those ’80s “woah-ooah-ooahs” here and there along with the occasional cliché or two in the lyrical department result in the loss of a mark or two, but they do guarantee that the likes of “Friends That Used To Be” will be rattling round your head for weeks. Thankfully, while some bands go overkill with the melody stuff there is no such problem with Adept with the brutal Emmure style beatdowns of “The Toughest Kids” quickly ensuring the band and the album are soon back on the right track.

Quality stuff, Silence The World benefits from a top notch production job from Fredrik Nordstrom (and we all know the beast that was created when he got his hands on the There Is a Hell… album). However, Nordstrom’s magic touch or not, it’s hard to argue against a band who smash you in the face with anthemic behemoths like “The Toughest Kids”, songs that show a group who are now starting to show how potent they can be.

Track Listing:

01. Forever And A Day
02. Established 2004
03. Secrets
04. The Ocean Grave
05. Dead Planet
06. Orion
07. Means To An End (The Greatest Betrayer)
08. Friends That Used To Be
09. Heart Vs.Beats
10. The Toughest Kids
11. Aftermath

Rum Time: 39:06
Release Date: March 22, 2013

Check out the song “Secrets”

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