Crowns and Chains is a seriously good, Southern fried metal EP released by the Hungarian act VolumeFeeder. I know it sounds odd, a European band releasing good quality Southern metal, but I promise you that is what you will find here; think along the lines of The Black Label Society or even Pantera.

Nothing overly technical about the offering, just three raw, down-tuned, riff-fueled tracks that kick some serious ass! While this is an EP, I still have an issue with the release’s length; at 10 minutes long, I really wish there were more. Regardless, I highly suggest checking out VolumeFeeder ASAP… they have it going on in a BIG way!

Track Listing:

01. King Of Lies
02. On Strings
03. Slave To The System

Run Time: 10:11
Release Date: February 1, 2013

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