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Is there any better song title for a melodic metal band than this free download of “Fall of the Tyrant” from five-piece powerhouse Triphon? Kyle Morrison and Justin Rogers are former members of Shattersphere who chose to form a new group. The project was marred with one major complication at the beginning; Morrison was based in Atlanta, Georgia while Rogers was living in Hartford, Connecticut. To overcome the distance between them, they started co-writing music over the internet and sending pieces of songs back and forth. It was an odd way to start a project, but the two were driven after a three year hiatus.

After collaborating on a few songs, Morrison and Rogers decided to seek out new collaborators. And ad on Craigs List led to them meeting ex-Redstone Rising guitarist Stephen Gladney. The demos were coming along strong in the studio when the band added ex-Priapism bassist Brian Dawley to the mix. They finally added a drummer in Morten Løwe Sørensen originally from Denmark, even though Triphon continued to be a long distance operation between the members. Triphon is now ready to unleash its debut album on the world. It’s been a lot of hard work to get this record together, but Triphon is just getting started.