The Skinny: Listening to Shellshag is like listening to a 15-year story of punk love and DIY tours, a sentiment that is summed up all over the Brooklyn-via-San Francisco’s new record, Shellshag Forever. The album follows 2010’s Rumors in Disguise – a record marked by huge hooks and a fuzzy balance of sweet and sludgy pop punk. That all surfaces Shellshag Forever, except that here Shell and Shag’s songs sound clearer and more fully-formed than ever.

“We’ll raise a family, building lots of memories/and grow old together, what could be better?” asks the lead single, “Face to Face”, an apt title for the sort of punk band who plays every show facing each other, with John Shell on guitar and Jen Shag standing playing drums, wearing a belt full of sleighbells for added percussion, singing both into a Y-shaped mic. “We’ll keep playing shows from Brooklyn to ole ‘Frisco / and grow old together, what could be better?” It’s a song about Shellshag, about crisscrossing the country together since the 90s, about keeping punk dreams alive.

Shellshag Forever Track Listing:

01. Face To Face
02. Sweet Hoodie
03. Come Down
04. Forever
05. Driving Song
06. Wasted Imagination
07. Medley
08. I Love You Anyway
09. Destroy Me I’m Yours
10. Dots In Rhyme


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