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This gratis download is of the HOT song “Complicity”, the latest track from Los Angeles hard rock band Rooftop Revolutionaries. The group is fronted by female vocalist Eleanor Goldfield, a singer with a powerful voice, lyrics, and outspoken viewpoint. No subject is off limits for Goldfield, everything from the human condition to corporate power. The band began on a rooftop in LA with a sound that compares to artists such as Shinedown, Chevelle, and Alice in Chains.

Being conscious of their influences, Goldfield and band member/producer Brian Marshak created the heavy, but punchy and catchy sound of Rooftop Revolutionaries’ latest album, Resolute. As the album title suggests, it is the band’s “resolute” stance on everything from global perspectives to personal viewpoints. If you’re looking for a challenging take on hard rock then Rooftop Revolutionaries is something you’ll want to check out.